Pre-Wedding Shoot Locations in Delhi

The Ultimate Guide

Pre-wedding photo shoots have evolved into a cherished tradition for engaged couples. They offer a unique opportunity to capture the love, excitement, and anticipation that precedes the big day. Delhi, the vibrant capital of India, is a treasure trove of enchanting locations that provide the perfect backdrop for your pre-wedding photoshoot.


1. Humayun’s Tomb: A Mughal Masterpiece for Pre-Wedding Shoots in Delhi


One of the most sought-after pre-wedding shoot locations in Delhi is Humayun’s Tomb. This UNESCO World Heritage site boasts lush gardens, intricate geometric designs, and pristine white marble that make it an ideal choice. Capture the timeless beauty of this monument at its best during the early morning or late afternoon hours.


2. Lodhi Gardens: Verdant Oasis for Pre-Wedding Photography


Delhi’s best places for pre-wedding shoots include the serene Lodhi Gardens. This tranquil haven is a favorite among couples. Its well-maintained pathways, historic structures, and lush surroundings make it an idyllic location. For enchanting shots, plan your visit during the golden hours of early morning or late afternoon.


3. India Gate: An Iconic Landmark for Memorable Pre-Wedding Shoots


If you’re looking for pre-wedding shoot locations in Delhi free of charge, India Gate is a superb choice. This iconic monument stands as a symbol of national pride and serves as a magnificent backdrop. Evening shoots, when the monument is illuminated, create a romantic atmosphere perfect for capturing your love story.


4. Qutub Minar: A Towering Love Story in Delhi


Among the best places for pre-wedding shoot in Delhi, Qutub Minar stands tall as a UNESCO World Heritage site. Its red sandstone magnificence and intricate carvings offer a distinctive backdrop. For the most enchanting shots, schedule your visit during the morning hours to avoid crowds and harsh sunlight.


5. Safdarjung’s Tomb: A Hidden Gem for Pre-Wedding Photography in Delhi


Safdarjung’s Tomb, often overlooked by tourists, is a well-kept secret for pre-wedding photoshoots in Delhi. Its stunning mausoleum, verdant gardens, and peaceful ambiance set the stage for intimate photos. Don’t forget to explore this hidden gem for your special moments.


6. Hauz Khas Village: Capturing Bohemian Vibes in Delhi


For couples seeking a bohemian atmosphere, Hauz Khas Village is a top choice among pre-wedding shoot locations in Delhi NCR. The village is adorned with artful graffiti, rustic structures, and the serene Hauz Khas Lake, creating an eclectic and hip ambiance. The golden hues of sunset enhance the magic of this location.


7. Agrasen ki Baoli: Stepping into History for Pre-Wedding Shoots


Step back in time at Agrasen ki Baoli, an ancient stepwell in the heart of Delhi. Its mesmerizing symmetry and the interplay of light make it a captivating spot for pre-wedding shoot locations in Delhi. Daytime shoots are ideal to capture the architectural details.


8. Connaught Place: Embracing Urban Elegance in Delhi


Connaught Place, Delhi’s commercial hub, is a unique choice for pre-wedding photography in Delhi. The colonial architecture, bustling markets, and iconic white pillars create a stylish backdrop. Evening shoots in the midst of the vibrant city lights provide a distinct charm.


9. Garden of Five Senses: Nature’s Canvas for Pre-Wedding Photography


The Garden of Five Senses offers a lush canvas for pre-wedding photoshoot in Delhi. From vibrant flower gardens to artistic sculptures, this location offers a dreamy setting. Early morning visits are recommended to avoid crowds and harsh sunlight.


10. Neemrana Fort Palace: Royal Extravaganza for Pre-Wedding Shoots


For couples desiring a regal backdrop, the Neemrana Fort Palace, located just outside Delhi, is a splendid choice among pre-wedding shoot locations in Delhi. The historic fort, adorned with vintage architecture and lush gardens, provides a majestic setting for pre-wedding photography. Keep in mind that this location often requires prior booking and may have a fee for photography.


11. Rose Garden, Saket: Blossoming Love in Delhi


The Rose Garden in Saket is a beautiful location for nature enthusiasts. Its wide variety of roses and other blossoms create a tapestry of colors and fragrances, setting the stage for romantic moments.


12. Dilli Haat: Celebrating Ethnic Charm in Delhi


Dilli Haat, an open-air market celebrating India’s diverse cultures, offers a unique and vibrant atmosphere for pre-wedding photography in Delhi. The rustic charm, colorful crafts, and traditional architecture provide a fascinating backdrop.


13. The Imperial: Colonial Luxury in Delhi


For those seeking an extravagant backdrop, The Imperial is a 5-star luxury hotel with a colonial charm. The regal interiors, art deco architecture, and manicured lawns provide an elegant and luxurious setting for pre-wedding shoots in Delhi.


14. Akshardham Temple: Capturing Spiritual Serenity in Delhi


Akshardham Temple, with its intricate architecture, serene surroundings, and reflective pools, offers a tranquil setting for pre-wedding photography in Delhi. When visiting, it’s essential to respect the temple’s rules and guidelines for photography.


15. Tughlaqabad Fort: Dramatic History in Delhi


Tughlaqabad Fort, despite being in ruins, exudes a unique charm for pre-wedding photography locations in Delhi. The rugged stone structures, overgrown vegetation, and dramatic lighting offer a fantastic setting for dramatic and historical shots.


Delhi’s diverse mix of historical monuments, lush gardens, urban landscapes, and hidden gems provides a rich tapestry of choices for pre-wedding shoots in Delhi. Whether you prefer a classic, historic, or contemporary backdrop, the city offers a range of locations to capture the essence of your love story. Each location has its own unique charm and ambiance, allowing couples to create timeless memories that reflect the beauty of Delhi and the love they share.

As you plan your pre-wedding shoot in Delhi, consider the time of day, season, and any necessary permits or permissions required for specific locations. Working with a professional photographer familiar with these locations can help ensure you capture the most breathtaking moments against the stunning backdrop that Delhi has to offer. So, seize the opportunity to celebrate your love and the beauty of Delhi through the lens of your pre-wedding photo shoot.


Written by- The Wedding RasamBest Wedding Photographer in Delhi NCR